Chaos is the perfect description of this year. Volume 32 was about moving on and healing from my journey transitioning out of religion. I thought the seas were calming; I was gaining moment and confidence in what I wanted to pursue. Now, a year later, I feel I have been tossed back into the blender of emotions. Nothing makes sense anymore. Complete confusion. Chaos. I am facing some of my greatest fears and verbalizing some of my deepest thoughts. Down the rabbit hole I tumble.


Begins shipping end of July 2019



This magazine is an annual publication devoted to sharing life lessons that have helped my wife and I live a more intentional life. It's filled with all the life lessons I wish I would have known when I was graduating high school. Each volume spans one year of my life starting with age 30.

It is my hope this will inspire my children & others to do the same.


Five dollars from every magazine will be donated to help fight human trafficking

As I am learning to live my life intentionally, I created this product so I could help teach others and a portion of every purchase can help free others.

We are all one. Unique but united.