Home is one of the places that can really speak to who you are. It is the birthplace for many of our fondest memories and often the ones that go most unnoticed. That was exactly what Leila and Nick were wanting to capture; the beauty of everyday life in their wonderful home they had loved from day one.


They were moving into a new house and as they were getting ready to move they realized how many traditions and memories they wanted to bring with them from their house on Morning Side. This is where I am at my best. When I can disappear into the background and just capture people when they're most comfortable.


My style is relaxed. Capturing life is what made me so excited to work with Leila and Nick. They said they wanted the pictures to be focused on capturing the house with them enjoying some of their favorite things to do together. This is great because it is true to who they are. It allows for spontaneity and it feels familiar, which is essential to helping people feel at ease. It helps take the stress and strain off feeling you have to perform and allows you to enjoy your time. That is when I am able to capture emotion and feeling.